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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Frozen In Thyme

Mist gently strokes a glassy face

Riffles trickle along her cheek
Hidden treasures huddle in depths

Holding pecking order on lease


Shadows sway on mottled beds
Glancing sideways in the know
Winter crunch rings underfoot

Frost sprinkled over meadow


Cradling gifts of silver thyme 
Plump Redbreast tags along
All observe the source of life

Mother natures hanging on


Dogged pulls swing side to side
Breath breaks your frozen dream

Scented palms engrained forever
By the lady of the stream

Thought I'd share this with you all, hope it takes you straight to the riverbank


Anonymous said...

Nothing trite here. Captures mood and atmosphere with its imagery. On this, a cold snow hardened morn, I am almost on the river bank experiencing the day.

Mick Martin said...

Well thanks for your kind comments I just fancied a crack at writing something - creative juices were flowing (whiskey). Just one comment makes it worthwhile.Perhaps try another next year.