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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ennio'd Olive

Thought I'd share my latest olive pattern yet to be tested during 2013 season called Ennios Gholive. Fortunately for me I came across a deceased Grey Heron while fishing this winter and decided to take a few prime feathers both out of respect and in the memory of this fantastic Derbyshire angler. On close inspection I claimed the obvious wing feathers to create amazing body's and by offering 2 strands together I realised a dozen feathers could last a lifetime, I hope. The feathers on the back were CDC like (wing) and each feather offering white strands (tail) on the edges slowly running into very fishy grey colour. My aim was to create a simple olive pattern using Grey Heron only.
To further elaborate on the name a Flyforum member,friend and local angler using the name Ennio displays the closest impersonation to a Heron you will ever see, maximum stealth, its uncanny. Me and Commo watched him from a distance working the Wye one afternoon hence his nickname The Heron. So there you have it...............

                                                             Ennio'd Olive

Right then! I always play with the length of body shown below along with amount of wing and tail etc to arrive with all the proportions proved effective on the river, afterall its the trout that choose not the angler, which is a good point to remember. I've used 2 and 3 herl strands for body 's and 3-5 white strands for tail using different lengths and different size pinches of (cdc wing). I believe you should find your own way much of the time as lessons are quicker learned and better remembered, afterall practice makes perfect and we often enjoy the journey aswell as the destination.


I'm expecting great results from this olive and it will sit right next to my other excellent olive patterns such as the JT olive and Midways both real winners. I know my pics are average at best, but hopefully that lovely fluffy wing and long wiry tail and hairy body will convince you to take advantage of an amazing anglers sad demise should you too, come across one on the riverbank.

Quick where's my Frogs Fanny


Anonymous said...

Hi Mick, nice looking flies i've found a few odd heron feathers myself whilst fishing rivers in ireland and they make good lookinbg dry fly bodies. Hope to see you on the Wye this season.
Tight Lines Sean

Mick Martin said...

Its a forgone conclusion, decided which country your gonna fish for yet Sean,IRE or Eng?