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Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Today the new Trugg mobile was secretly launched along the bridleways of the Erewash Valleys rivers and canals. It might take a little more training on both Trugg and his trusted steeds but no doubt they'll be upto speed before too long. Great news for Truggs weight watchers programme with him doing most of the scooting on their first outing, while the Beagles looked on somewhat bemused. Now you might scoff, laugh or just hold your belly imagining the Truggman whizzing along the Erewash canal on that mean machine, but you have to admit it don't half look like fun, and believe me it really is. The dogs are now very quiet and I'll be walking funny for a few days but what a journey.


Dave Cross said...

Looks good Mick, although I do find the thought of you home ring along the towpath slightly un-nerving. I await the reports on Radio Derby of the first trip up the A6 to the Wye, you'll just need a rack fitting for the tackle.
Happy new year,

Dave Cross said...

Whoops meant hammering not home ring bloody spell checker on this phone!!