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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Trickle Of Mays

Joined Adsdad of the Forums at Willersley lastnight for a few hours and on arrival the river was a little high to permit my usual wading style but nice and clear,unfortunately there was little insect life just the odd sedge and a very slow trickle of Mayfly. The fish weren't playing ball but we managed a few fish taken on dries {mayfly for Ady) when he found the only spot with a few rising fish. The fish were small wildies which in my observations after a spate have a field day, taking advantage of the larger fish losing station, anyhow they were beautiful little things and pleasing to us on a more difficult night at the castle. After the days sunshine I was suprised to have the stretch to ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed my evening in good company - roll on mayfly and it wont be long, we just need the break in the damn weather and a temperature rise.


Regular Rod said...

It sure is cold out of the sunshine Mick. When folks use to say "Ne'er cast a clout till May be out" my Grannie would reply "Aye and put it back on, ont' first of June...

Regular Rod

Mick Martin said...

Once I spotted my own breath I knew it was time to go, wooly hat and all.