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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

April Showers And Old Friends

Today I ventured to the upper limits (below) and met up with some old friends (bottom pic)who are always pleased to see me. The river held a little colour but worth a crack so I worked the river with my Larrys resulting in 1 and a half browns,one beauty around 2 lb dropping off at my feet. No insect life and nothing rising so difficult fishing to be honest and that was before the rain had me dashing for the car.

After drying out I tried fishermans car park and picked off the odd fish, 2 on dusters after a small explosion of LDO's but short lived. I quickly bumped into a few rods so decided on moving up Scots Garden. I managed a fine rainbow around a pound in the new water made available by winter tree felling which in time will benefit anglers immensley. Sadly after a brief chat with Dogwalking Dunc a hale storm with pea size stones had us planning our exit and my day was cut short. On leaving the daily top ups all but finished the fishing for today slowly adding more colour, so it was a bath and early night for me. On the positive side the Wye has a good water level and should be fine by Sunday, my next visit. Knowing the river helped me catch a few but it was a solid day, normal for early April really.


Regular Rod said...

Make the most of Scot's Garden Mick. If the newly invigorated Hydro folk get their way for a turbine at Victoria Mill, the river there and through Wynn Meadow will become a depleted reach.

Bakewell Green is setting up a petition. We need 10,000 signatures of folk dissaproving of the scheme in any form to stop it getting the support of the planners and elected representatives.

Regular Rod

Mick Martin said...

I'll get on the case,who can pass them on for me, or where do i take my list?