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Friday, 6 April 2012

Return Of The Mick

After sprinting out of my Dentists door this afternoon, I dashed across Derbyshire for my first evening trip of the season at The Home Of Flyfishing the Wye. On arrival I was pleased to see a good level of water but quickly realised my evening would be challenging not just down to LTD cover being early season but the cold flush of snow running through from yesterdays snowmelt which I suspect played the larger role in tonights challenge. There was little rising and virtually no insect life so large flies and searching was gonna be the way.

True to form my first fish was a fine grayling quickly returned before watching my Larrys Pride get engulfed, quickly stripping me down to my backing easily with this extremely handsome,fit and wild rainbow above.I also managed a couple on Elk Caddis but steadily caught on both flies working the faster strips of water. The browns seemed quiet probably down to the quick chill but I managed one late in the evening just to complete my thoroughly enjoyable kick off. I had several visits from members including our friendly Japenese Knotweed wrestler and his good lady, an infamous riverkeeper and finally Duncan checking I wasn't poaching (good on him) all adding to my pleasurable Christening for 2012.


Regular Rod said...

Hurray you are backagain!

Mrs RR said she'd seen you. Did Henry come over and say hello?

Regular Rod

Mick Martin said...

Hard to resist RR and although it was nice to see our Henry again, he was on his lead. Catch up soon