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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ennio Brown Will Do

I met up with Ennio off the fly forum around 3pm for a days fishing both meeting at the black barn section in glorious sunshine,clear sky and very little water in Derbyshires finest. At first things were a little difficult but with a little help from the clouds we began picking a few off including a few grayling which are always welcome on the dry. Sedge were in larger numbers than ever today so it was inevitable that sedge would eventually win the day.

Early evening we moved into the recreation ground were my Larries Pride after some risky predictions lived upto its name resulting in some fine fish including Ennios best, a 5lb brown to die for,a fish of a lifetime in anyones book. Andrews lunker gave a good fight, setting off downstream with Ennio following to ensure landing it, which obviously I quickly assisted him to complete his triumph. Shortly after another 3lb brown came to the net after walloping the Larrys Pride yet again, no denying this fly works I'm afraid and I dare say Ennios glad I offered him a few.

Nearing the end of a casual plodding style of days fishing the light fell and concentration was needed to play a few more fish after dark. The trout were displaying there predatory instinct tonight reacting to our twitching sedge which isn't always the case, like a marriage you get the cold shoulder from your sweetheart sometimes and the Wye is no exeption but tonight she was hot and eager. We could of continued catching specimens alnight long but we were both satisfied so we downed rods, chatted away, and watched the bats performing before eventually parting from our excellent days fishing.


Regular Rod said...

Well done both of you! How about an SBS of the Larry's Pride?

Regular Rod

Anonymous said...

Can I second RR's request?

Mick Martin said...

I promise to learn to use movie clip in the near future.

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