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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Big Girls, They Are Beautiful

Yesterday afternoon I visited Lakeside the upper boundary of the Peacock stretch. The river was very low indeed with nothing rising but once there I decided to have a look around, afterall I like to think you learn something everytime out. While peeping through the wildflowers I spotted a lovely grayling parading in the spotlight created by the sunshine and dappled light through the trees above. I slid down the bank and observed closely for a while and began spotting huge grayling basking about on the riverbed.

Now these big girls were definitely not feeding but like any other fly angler finding myself in an excellent position with a loaded rod in my hand I couldn't resisit a flick at them in hope of a miracle. Needless to say there was no miracle, in fact I swear I heard those ladies laughing at me. I took in as much info about the pool as possible and come winter I will be back for them, hopefully to have the last laugh. I left the upper section with a small rainbow and a tiny grayling to my tally so not completely beaten but maybe bruised a little.

I moved into town for late evening and managed a few nice rainbows to 4lb, a few landed by Jan who payed me a visit. There was little rising at dark and I believe the Wye was having a rest and I cannot complain as this river regularly bares her soul to me - not a finer river in the land.


Luddite said...

Hi Mick,
Enjoying the blog, but I can't place the image with the water coming down the weir. Where is it?

Mick Martin said...

Its at the top boundary Lakeside taken from the farbank. I've already received my spanking for straying to the wrong bank which is why you don't recognise the location.
Naughty boy!