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Monday, 5 September 2011

Brush with the Future

Arrived 2pm at Fishermans to some scattered rising and quickly began catching grayling with a few rainbows all taking yellow f fly and Tupps both in 20's after realising they were on the menu amongst the millions of sedge and midges. Moving up towards the pumping station I had some quality nosebleed angling, sighting grayling under my feet while peeping over the reeds, then dropping my fly and watching them slowly rise to the surface and Bingo!

Moving through the pavillion I managed some specimens as usual, this river has so many its untrue and my larrys pride did well again, bringing a 4lb brown which gave a real tussle for 15 mins along with a few large rainbows. Today suprised me as I expected an autumnal slowing down in terms of angling but it was all systems go with amazing fishing in September.

As the light faded 2 young anglers appeared who'd struggled a little through the day so I offered a little assistance hoping to save the day, afterall these lads are the future. I offered one of my succesful late evening sedge patterns and the takes began coming fast and after playing a few fish 15 year old Conor finally landed this fine rainbow below. Obviously he was made up and watching him release that fish safely was immense joy for me, never mind being engraved on this young mans memory for ever and well worth arriving late home for dinner.


LOAH said...

Beautiful trout! Very good of you to include the struggling youngster in your day's success. He'll surely thank you for years to come, whether you're there to receive the thanks or not.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for all the advice and help you gave me, I could'nt have caught the fish without it and just after you left my brother landed a fish of a similar size using the same fly I used!

Mick Martin said...

Music to my ears Conor, funny as I was driving home I'd hoped your brother had some success as I knew he'd be forced to have one last cast. Hope to see you both on Derbyshires finest soon.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what the name of the fly you gave to my brother was, and if your tying up any more I'd buy a few off you, looking at it I doubt my tying skills are good enough to copy it.
Regards Sean

Mick Martin said...

Hi Sean
Its an afterdark disturbance fly that works a treat, especially on the Wye/Dove. Its not been named yet so was thinking the "Dusk-til-dawn" what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good name, it definately works anyway, second cast i got a fish and on the first I missed one! I bet it would work well on irish rivers on its own or NZ style.

Mick Martin said...

Copy and paste the email and send your address, I'll post half a dozen to get you going.

Anonymous said...

email sent thanks again

Anonymous said...

The flies arrived today, they look great, i'l be giving them a go today, might give the upper beat a try, never been up above Bakewell in all the times ive been there.

Cheers Sean