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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Brown Sugar

Fished the Wye lastnight after work and on arrival there was the Balewell Duck Race so I fished through Scotts garden for a while until the crowds dispersed. I declared war on a pod of grayling and lost miserably although I managed 2 small ladies who fell for Sturdys Fancy. I fished through town and began catching fish on sedge patterns, mostly browns for some strange reason. This beautiful specimen was taken at a famous location and luckily another kind angler took this picture below, a monster brown in any river so I was delighted to introduce myself and send him back on his way.

The fishing got better as the light began to fade and they moved into those shallow fastfood holds with confidence. After an almighty crash this huge brown below took off downstream with me running after it. Unfortunately no help with a picture but I did my best while ensuring no harm came to this lunker sending it back fit and healthy. Wow! 2 great big wild browns in one session,there can't be many places offering such an amazing opportunity.


Ian said...
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Ian said...

Good to see you had a decent day after we met you in the town centre. We carried on into Scott's Garden and had plenty more fish as they started to rise as light levels dropped. My mate who had just caught his first ever grayling a few hours earlier got a lovely lady at 34cm needless to say he went home happy.