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Monday, 4 July 2011


Fished the beautiful Lathkill again yesterday and with the sun beating down,river low and wild flowers in bloom providing an unbelievable smell as I brushed by the bank downstream from the fishermans hut. I could have sat and watched the kingfisher go about his business all day while breathing in the explosion of scents. In my ignorance I could only place wild mint and I really must/mean to study riverside plants to place a few names as I wonder along.

In a word the fish were simply skittish, like I've never experienced with just the slightest glimpse of Old Majestick sending them scarpering everywhere, even after I'd crawled to get in position. This was the most challenging days fishing I remember but only while the sun walloped my back everytime I left the shade. I began to take the odd fish mostly browns but before long I was racing back to the hut for refreshments.

After a good doze I fished early evening with a much improved catch rate but not so rewarding if I'm honest, still all beautiful wild Lathkill browns and rainbows, second to none in perfection. As expected not seen or spoke tp a soul all day not including myself when the fishing was tuff mid afternoon. Sedges were being taken with gusto and although I noticed a few mayfly lingering about, they weren't being taken. Another amazing experience on the most perfect trout stream imaginable.

I've left something to read for the next man to enjoy while putting your feet up in the hut.


Regular Rod said...

You need The Easy Way to Wild Flower Recognition by John Kilbracken. Lord Kilbracken makes it very easy to work out what a flower is and it is quick too. It's like using a computer program but written in a book. You answer questions and they lead you to the flower you are looking at.

There are some here:

Copy and paste it into your browser and away you go.

Regular Rod

Mick Martin said...

Thankyou RR
One on its way already, be superb to identify a few.

Anonymous said...

I chopped off the water to the river below Cupola Dam by bagging the boards on the outflow. You must have noticed the lack below the dam. Apologies. I couldn't do it over-night because of the herons.

Mick Martin said...

It was low but didn't matter as I caught plenty as usual, especially above in the deep pockets of the open water.
Did pull a nasty face at heron who left hastily.