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My guiding services are now available to assist fly fishermen on both game and coarse rivers. I'd be happy to advise and arrange your special day anywhere from one of Derbyshires finest trout and grayling rivers to your own local coarse river. Email Mick Martin for details and options. Please copy and paste into your own email

Monday, 27 June 2011

Too Hot To Handle

Fished the Wye with a guest yesterday and although there was a few fish rising early afternoon with a small olive hatch providing some fish, by 3pm the heat was stifling and unpleasant for man and fish. Off to the Red Lion for a couple of pints as the rear garden is shaded perfectly,like walking into a fridge only outdoors, absolute bliss with a cold pint in your hand.
The Wye had received a tiny top up while adding a slight tinge which I'd hoped would bring on the evening rise with a vengance, especially as the sun dropped of the water later in the evening.

Early evening we strolled onto the pavillion stretch for a few fish and before long the river came alive with sedges and spinners on the menu. We met a couple of rods in town being using bread flies but I proved a point by landing this perfect wild rainbow below right next to them, they do take naturals afterall and i obliged in handing them a few of my spinner flies. I was wondering to myself how far I'd have to travel to catch something equal to this beauty and decided you'd probably have to visit Alaska, this view puts the price in prospective really, a unique experience within my own county - whos a lucky boy. Me and my guest fished in paradise until dark, you know the style, legs swinging parked on your harris, proper fishing on Derbyshires finest. It gets harder to leave this wonderful river and head for home everytime I visit and I'm still a relative novice in terms of knowing al 7 1/2 miles of pristine river and thats not considering the Lathkill, Derbyshires Jewel in the crown.

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