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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Truggs On Top Of The World

Well the big day had arrived, my first visit on the Lathkill and after trying to show some restraint waiting until May to book in I couldn't get there quick enough. I was shown around the 2 beats by Jan the man as I'm fishing the middle beat next week (get in there)so we killed 2 birds. Unfortunatley travelling light I'd arrived at the bottom of the section with no camera which came to light on my second cast resulting in my first beautiful Lathkill brown. Stealth is definitely the key with a heavy placed foot or a little too much Pinochio resulting in fish scarpering everywhere.
Anyway after some intense angling with low water and bright sunshine I'd managed 4 browns for lunch and I was most pleased.

I drove into Youlgreave for an excellent chip cob and a pint at the George and after parking my backside and chatting with some friendly locals I eventually arrived at the riverside again for round 2. I'd always known the latter part of the day would probably produce more chances with hungry trout feeling a little more confident so I decided after organizing a fantastic street party (Royal Wedding) for a few days, I'd have a well deserved nap. I woke up 90 mins later ready to go and after a picture of the fishermans hut it was back down to business.

As expected the trout were more obliging by now and happy to show themselves, in fact they were everywhere as the evening drew in. And the striking difference from the wye was the clear abundance of browns compared to the odd rainbow, and beautiful browns is an understatement, they really are breathtaking.

I remember a few meetings over the years where anglers proclaim the Lathkill to be the bestest and most beautiful river they ever fished and now I couldn't agree more. I remember the well respected Royvs off the forums claiming there was no finer place to fish and me saying "God i was expecting Alaska" although they were both equally as unlikely a venue I would ever get to fish. Just for once Trugg admits he was wrong and miracles do happen, here I was legs swinging off the bank of the Lathkill catching amazing wild browns chuntering to myself something about a dream fulfilled, obviously with a smile on my face.

I landed an excellent acrobatic rainbow with a red tip on its dorsal fin, I seem to remember others experiencing this, maybe its a Lathkill thing and I'll try to find out.

Patience is the key, waiting for the culmination of things coming together to offer the finest fishing imaginable. The Lathkill requires all the neccasary skills and success without them, well I'd imagine you would struggle. Old Majestick(my bamboo)truly fulfilled her potential yesterday with many wonderful fish taking various sedge patterns, nothing smaller than size 14 which speaks volumes. You don't always need to become pre-occupied with tiny flies on difficult occasions as some anglers will claim, just work on the rivercraft and wait for the river to speak too you, but remember like all good Ladies some times they simply don't wish to speak.

Trugg on the Lathkill was always gonna be special day but to think this amazing opportunity was added onto my Peacock membership as a free bonus takes some believing, in fact I'm still waiting for the catch.

Words of advice to my brothers of the wangle to avoid losing something special - flyfishing should never come down to money,fame,science or power, its all about the passion (or the land if your W.Slaney).

On reaching the top of the beat like many a famous angler before me, I walked back along the road in triumph overlooking the most fantastic venue that is the Lathkill - who's a lucky boy!


Baslowfisher said...

Hi Mick,
Looks like you had a cracking baptism on the lathkil. I agree to on the clarity of the river, I have never seen anything like it. Looks like a good season ahead.

Anonymous said...

Really good to see this. On the down side I discovered that wild swimmers like the Lathkill too -