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Friday, 6 May 2011

The Huscarl

Avoiding working with the River Erewash Foundation during nesting season I found a little spare time, a rare thing nowadays, so I thought about sharing a pattern I've had huge success with on the Wye catching trout and grayling. Like most flies in both traditional and modern styles, anglers have created similar patterns using the same techniques and materials, so be sure this pattern has been created from years of playing around on mostly Derbyshire rivers and experimenting with the millions of flies gone before me. This pattern is among my favorite flies and they really work for me and thats the important thing, self belief.

The Huscarl

I also do a orange Huscarl which has been effective with wild rainbows and size 18's proved best, remember rainbows love a bit of orange. I decided on The Huscarl for a name while sitting pretty in its royal colours it serves me very well indeed. To save anybody googling, the Huscarl I refer to were the finest elite bodygaurds to stand aside our last English King - Harold Godwinson.

You could copy this pattern or hopefully create your own take on The Huscarl and get those juices really flowing. Thank me later

Size 18 dryfly hook
Tail - summerduck or mallard
Body - yellow/orange thread
Dubbing - natural mink down - lightly dubbed
Trigger point - red wool at tail base
Wing - CDC
Sight indicator - purple floss

Might share another Deadly Derbyshire soon.

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Dustin's Fly Box said...

Thats a real interesting pattern!!