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Friday, 22 April 2011

Wye - Wednesday 20th

Today I met with Commo for a days fishing and a good crack as always and on meeting up we decided to fish the Lakeside section. Well another glorious day for fishing but we are fast becoming desperate for rain and the fish appearing very cagey indeed. Unfortunately for us the river was being coloured from upstream and after informing Jan we decided to try and raise a few anyway afterall its a stunning isolated location to fish. We had a little success but fish appeared pre occupied but the best moment was Macaroni(Tony)going back for round 2 with a trout he missed earlier and he finished the job this time with an hard earned trout - excellent angling.

Before moving downstream to fish down from the pumping station I managed too snap my Sage in the electric window. To be honest it didn't bother me really although Tony's face was a picture when passing me his spare rod " are you upset" he said "no I'm always snapping rods" I replied.
Still the fishing was challenging although we managed a few smaller rainbows, but I'm happy not catching anything here, this is one of my favorite sections on the island creeping around, hiding from the Viet Cong while hoping for one of the biggies under the bank your standing on, proper jungle fishing in summer but ok at the moment. Any way I managed the one below around there with 2 others, all hard work but eventually falling to my tangerine dream (orange duster), rainbows can't resist the flourescent orange sometimes.

We popped into town for the couple of hours, well after a pint and even here there was little rising. I did tempt 3 rainbows with my VW sedge but again they were hard work. The big bonus was a free ghillie to land our fish DWT (Dave)off the FFF joined in the fun and we had a good chinwag for some time, while he netted a few fish including the beautiful brown shown in the pic below. We both walked back to the cars and bid our farewells, me a few paces behind walking through Scots Garden, something like a scene from Of Mice And Men. As always we had plenty of laughs which is the most important factor - please don't forget it any of you.

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