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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Willersley Castle

Today me and Roger Bryant tried our hand at the Castle and after the customary peep over the bridge we were both surprised what fine condition the Derwent was in with a good level running clear. No surprises there were some rods about but considering even I hadn't been fishing this month, most anglers were chomping at the bit with their 1st chance for a while. The fishing was tough at first with very little action, mind you after passing a couple of trotters on their way home who'd caught nothing, we knew it wasn't going to be prolific by any means.

Perseverance payed off in the end as we began to catch a few, thank God! many rods blanked today, even the maggot drowners (ah ah) but not Abbot and Costello - no way. We kept plodding on inbetween brews and even got intimate while cuddling together, locking arms during some dodgy wading across the river, definitely no kissing as Roger didn't fancy it (I did ask though).
Driving home with the smell of grayling on your hands = a good day in my book and considering the effort needed and the difficulty to catch today, we both fared pretty well. No doubt we'll canoodle some more in summer when I suspect the angling might be a touch easier as well.


Roger Bryant said...

A picture of me with a fish on must be almost as rare a sight as seeing you eating that salad yesterday Mick.

Thanks for the invite, I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

I really am growing rather fond of the Derwent.


Michelle said...

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