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Monday, 31 January 2011


Yesterday I walked a 4 mile stretch of the Erewash armed with just my trotting gear, maggots and my hip flask full of Laphroaig. I was on a quest to locate a pod of grayling that were reported being caught last week. Although this was a very tall order, I couldn't resist the challenge but you can stop licking your lips right now as I didn't find or catch any ladies to speak of, although I suspect a rather large lady dog walker who stopped for a chat took quite a shine to me.

I found myself totally enthralled with trotting as its been a long time since my last day out maggot drowning, but not knowing what I might catch added some weight to the excitement, and after a few tangles and set ups, I began to get into the swing. After some time I was so pleased to hit a shoal of very obliging roach, especially as silver fish in huge numbers have become rarer in recent times. I caught one after another until i lost count at 3o+ and what a brilliant couple of hours fishing I'd had, and although not on the fly, every bit as enjoyable.

I also thought I'd share this rather nice chub with you around 3lb I suppose and it went off rather well a good few times which is unusual in my experience, I usually feel them cave in after the second good run, always towards a snag I might add, but this one decided to have half a dozen attempts. I thoroughly enjoyed myself so I guess a change is as good as a rest but I will definitely be trotting again soon.


Regular Rod said...

Hello Mick

Chub in winter can be very determined at times. What a splendid visit! Did you use any other bait besides maggots? Any bread or worrum?

Regular Rod

Mick Martin said...


Just maggots I'm afraid, although bread is a local favorite especially in summertime, along with luncheon meat they always take fish. Modern pellets,paste etc seem useless on the Erewash, I suspect because fish don't recognise them yet, but that could change if fished more often and barbel anglers keep throwing them in.