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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Only The Lonely

The scenery was impressive when pulling into Cauldwell Mill this morning, especially after a light dusting of snow yesterday. The Wye was spot on for grayling fishing and today was probably my last chance on the Wye until April with no fishing after December until trout season. I decided to walk all the way to the A6 checking every nook and cranny licking my lips at the thought of rising trout everywhere come spring. after a blank last time out I'm pleased to say I caught a few small ladies along the way, only fishing the likely hideouts for this time of year but inspecting every stretch in readiness for the coming season.

After taking a lunch break things began to warm up a little, well the fishing did anyway as i began finding plenty of those big beautiful Wye grayling. The nymph that proved effective was my own pattern which I haven't named yet but after great success today I'll think on the name. I tried bringing my bottom 2 flies together today to speed up the sink a little and bingo! I was away and couldn't go wrong, having the time of my life was an understatement.

It has to be said that now I'm finding my feet on the Wye the grayling fishing no longer plays second fiddle to the Dove, its every bit as good in my opinion, just look below if you need proof. To my amazement the Wye was my river alone today, considering this form that's hard to believe, I never passed a soul all day never mind another rod - proper fishing. I should mention locating them wasn't easy by any stretch so be sure to keep moving fast and furious.

Needless to say the next 3 months are gonna seem like years but eventually I'll be back on the Wye for those big wild rainbows and browns.

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Regular Rod said...

Errr... What about the fly then Mick? An SBS would be ideal if you have time over Christmas.

You cannot beat the Wye when it is yours and yours alone. Did you feel that primeval spirit of being a resident rather than a visitor? It is so much easier to get that feeling when there are no other folk to distract you, Homo sapiens sapiens, the innocent predator!

Regular Rod