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Monday, 15 March 2010

Fabulous Foremark

Its that time of year when bank fishing at Foremark comes into its own, producing some of the finest stillwater fishing available in the early season. My fingers became sore with whizzing lines zipping through my fingers so many times I lost count, and these feisty little buggers give you plenty of jip snatching at your blobs, boobies and lures. Some chap explained for some reason red has worked well for me today, good advice that also worked for me. During a bright spell I couldn't resist a crack at buzzers but with no success, but no doubt they will come into their own soon enough, as always at Foremark.

Good clean bank fishing all the way round at Foremark and although its a beautiful setting, take care not to fill your reel with sand and not to wear the skin off your fingers while both stripping and hanging on to a few savage takes. Make a conscious effort to avoid sandy fly lines as they can Mueller your eyes on your expensive rods, in my case I use a cheap 9ft so don't give a toss.

After a while I made my way around to Flamingo Bay to catch a few more with my brother showing a good rod bend below. We finished on 21 each, both playing our last fish as the siren blew, not a bad afternoons fishing, good enough for the girls I go with. After spending 95% of my time on the river this makes an excellent change now and then, especially while the rivers are still warming up a little. I'll be out again Wednesday and can't wait to get my hands sore again.

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