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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Buzzing! at Willington

Me and my bro decided to fish at DCAC Willington stillwater this afternoon and arrived at 1pm to spot a couple of rods already out but considering the size of the trout lake 4 rods are a drop in the ocean. We both started on lures fished with an intermediate line which instantly produced action for both of us with lovely rainbows that just wouldn't be bullied, leaping, darting and tugging for all their worth, giving a fabulous account of themselves.

Willington is a joy to fish with acres of space to backcast and a well maintained venue, completely private under lock and key as usual, with the added bonus of driving your car around the outside of the lake, especially handy when the heavens open and you need to run for cover.

Willington is a very peaceful getaway with plenty of wildlife to catch your eye now and then and without the odd glimpse of the power station to remind you where you are, (shown above),you could be miles from anywhere.

During the afternoon we got smothered in buzzers, so much so we just had to give them a go, my God! we wouldn't regret it. These rainbows were well and truly on the buzzer giving me my first buzzer session this year. The ferocious pulls had to be seen to be believed and watching that line slip away on buzzers is always superb. We both had plenty more fish on buzzers completing a wonderful days fishing at a superb stillwater. The rainbow below shows the quality and stamp of fish being caught today - fandabbydozy!


The Squire said...

Mick, sounds like you had a great afternoons fishing and I agree that there is nothing like feeling that tug when fishing the static buzzer. There used to be a trout fishery where the marina is now on the other side of Willington and the buzzer fishing there was unreal. It is also good to see the fishing on form at this water. I guested on it a couple of years back last October and it was grim then. The catch return book made miserable reading and we ended up fishing for chub in the river. That day I bumped into Alan Patrick down there who I know vaguely from work years ago I think he is on DCAC committee. He was telling me that floods had affected the water badly but sounds like it has turned round now.

Mick Martin said...

Hi Dave
When the lake floods into the Trent the fish scarper downstream I'm told, hence tough fishing. No floods for a while (touch wood)= brilliant buzzer fishing.
Good barbel fishing on Trent there aswell.