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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

The post below was for Monday 27th August but as my bloody computer decided playing funny boggers I have just got my PC back from the shop, hence the late post.

After leaving 1 car at Milldale me and our John arrived at Dovedale around lunch and although the river was running clear the weather was rainy and dull. We started fishing after the pumping station and made our way upstream having to take shelter under a few trees along the way, during the heaviest showers. Nearing the stepping stones we realised the fishing could prove difficult today and both sheltered under a tree with our huge £2.50 ice creams from the van next to the stones. Walking passed the nursery pool I had managed 5 little fish all in fast water so I wasn't wasting time on the clued up stockies here, although I managed this fine fish while hiding behind the boulder at the top of the Nursery pool.

With no fish rising we persisted in trying to draw them out with sedge and daddy patterns which worked to a degree, catching a few trout as we carried on upstream. Reaching Lovers Leap I decided to stay on LADFFA's bank and wade through today, just to fish the stretch from a different angle. I had to nip out for a few yards where the deep pool has carved itself into the rock but crossed back over and continued wading upstream all the way to the crossing.
My dogged attitude and hard work produced 1 fish through all of this section but what a beauty it was (below). Notice my huge Elk Sedge that this tiny tearaway got stuck into.

The rain stopped thank God and we were passed by several rods coming back, in fact considering it was a bloody miserable rainy Monday there was 8 rods fishing that we come across anyway, shocking really. I did learn to share as a child, no honestly I did, but my realisation of deciding things have become a little crowded lately where re affirmed.
We did eventually hit a pocket of reasonable sized fish knebbing along the boardwalks section lying within the fast water parts of this middle section. Although the boards can be a tricky stretch to fish with its dodgy wading, snags and trees, it proved well worth it on this day, bringing some fine fish into my hand, although I'm unsure what my brother was doing with his.

We carried on catching 1 here and there until we arrived at Milldale as the night drew in and the familiar bat dance began. I had managed 15 fish which by no means suggests difficult fishing but believe me when I say the best part of the year has now passed. The pic below shows the end of the day as all who fish here will recognise the gate below as the sun sinks behind the top of the gorge.

September/October will prove near impossible to produce, during the final stages of my dry fly only season but I have rapidly reduced the amount of flies used lately and after experimenting all season I am coming close to choosing 10 flies needed to have a fantastic season.

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