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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Derbyshire Wye

After picking up my ticket from the Peacock I drove into town turned right into the square and payed for an hour at the car park. Today's mission was to find a decent fisherman's breakfast and after a full 1/2 hour walk around Bakewell I eventually ended up more or less back at the car, then I spotted a Postman and after explaining what I was looking for he pointed to a sign right opposite the car park where I first started" Wye Waters Cafe mate up that alleyway". Well I'm pleased top report he was bang on as the breakfast was awesome at the Wye Waters Cafe, even 2 pots of tea with a tea strainer. I had to laugh as last time me and a few friends fell over the sign as we got out of the car and ended up with an awful breakfast - not any more lads were well and truly sorted although it was a little pricey at £7.25 it was quality and after all we are in Bakewell.

I decided to park at the pumping station car park today and make my way down towards the fisherman's car park and back first. I managed a few fish after whipping through my fly box and choosing a small Olive for the slower runs and a small EHS for the fast water. I spotted another rod a few bends ahead that I was following but as I'd been catching I decided to carry on with the plan and move slowly behind him. I caught plenty of Rainbows and a few grayling which I expected due to the small flies I was using.
I worked my way back to town slowly through the day and decided to try a few casts with a white Larries Pride (ah ah ah). While talking to a women and her young son about fishing, she asked" can you use real bait" at which point I explained about the standing joke my mates have about a red dot appearing if the thought should even cross your mind. I then noticed her husband/son walking up slowly behind her shoulder as i went on to explain " the river keepers are probably peeping at us the the hedgerow right now with binoculars, all of a sudden my eyes fixed on this young man wearing joggers, t-shirt and trainers, not unlike a sports centre employee. Well what a shock as I burst out laughing " I told you" the guy next to her was Jan the river keeper in civvies the sneaky git. always a pleasure to meet such a nice young man and I can understand Mr Slaney (head keeper) holding him in high regard. After a chat Jan said his goodbyes and I moved upstream through town but not before picking up a few rainbows along the way.

I moved upstream through Scotts Garden where some large trees had been felled (pic below) exposing a good little pool to the elements and it was now void of fish. To be honest I met another angler and we agreed the upper section hadn't produced today and we'd had 1 each for our efforts.

I made my way back through town managing to catch some large rainbows and eventually ended up back at the car. Another day well spent on the Wye and no browns for my efforts but who cares I'd had plenty of excellent action and needless to say I'll be back soon. My highlight of the day is pictured below and although the opposite to a 8lb brown like caught on my last visit, every bit as beautiful.

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