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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Church Mayfield

Due to family stuff I went early doors today and with a mind set of better than nothing, I was in for a shock. Walking upto the weir I noticed a few fish rising and stealthily crept down to the river to make a few casts over the gravel bar, being sure to keep low. I'd chosen one of my Daddies to start with and it got nailed 4 times in a row, all fresh stocked browns around 1lb. Needless to say I kept catching loads of stockies with a wildy thrown in now and then, who knows where they came from but they were up for it. I took pics to show the difference, 1st up are the stockies shown below.

Now below are the wild fish which fought much harder 1lb for 1lb or perhaps ounce to ounce, all punching well above their weight. The excellent markings, vivid colours, butter yellow underside and red spots say it all really, truly beautiful trout and plenty of them. Successful flies were Daddy's, Larry's Pride, Grey Duster all with my own little bit of Magic added to them.

The most satisfaction today was achieved when I targeted a pocket of grayling that always prove impossible to catch, well for me anyway. On when the size 18 JT Olive and whammo! 2 nice grayling, the best shown below.

Best laugh today was our John making friends on the riverbank, it's been a long time since he's had a female that interested, he's not the best with cattle, in fact he's terrified. He should have felt right at home today though, she had a big shitty ass and would have done anything for a drink, which is a typical female in Ilson (Ilkeston).

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