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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Dovedale Delights

Fished Dovedale from the car park with high expectations after reports of mayfly season taking hold there yesterday. I fished out of the car park and took fish from all pools moving up towards the stepping stones and fish were freely rising everywhere, so no surprises really.

I noticed Alex Swan fishing up behind me and I owed him some money, after realising I was failing too out run him, I let him catch up and we fished a few pools together, both catching some nice fish while chewing the news.

Arriving at the nursery pool we both then bumped into Roger Bryant and Neil H off the fly forums and had a quick con flab before fishing again - mini social. On the whole it was an excellent nights fishing with plenty of superb fish like this one below.

After teaming up with Roger for the later part of the evening he caught fish after fish offering me endless fantastic photo opportunities, sadly I ended up with this picture below of Roger lifting into a fish. I apologise now for my lack of photography skills but I can report that his company was superb, and his fresh enthusiasm was admirable and I look forward to meeting him on the bank another day.

Finally we all met up for another chat at dusk and the Mayfly where in force as darkness took hold when Neil H decided to throw himself down the rocks where we had congregated, gladly hes alright though, anyway Neils Leap just doesn't sound right. Nights like these are what make this sport special, and I'm pleased to be associated with LADFFA and its feasant phluckers - a memorable night indeed. Roll on Duffers


Neil said...

I'm doing quite well this week - I manged to throw myself in a bed of nettles on Saturday :-(

Good to meet you Mick - a great evening to be out.

gerry atric said...

Sounds a great night enjoyed by all and missed by most of us.

Best regards