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Monday, 1 June 2009

Darley Duffers

Fished Darley Dale yesterday and although a few fish were taken through the day, the evening feast didn't start till around 7pm. The air along the riverbank was full of Mayfly leading me on their merry dance, and once the sun dropped of the water and the temperature dropped a little, Rave On!

All fish were obviously taken on Mayfly variations and as usual the day wasn't without incident after John took to his drunken man style wading again and succeeded in filling his waders, I tried hard to hold back the laughter, as not to tempt fate.

Sometime later John twisted his ankle at which point I couldn't hold back anymore and I nearly filled my waders as a result. Watching him navigate the steep banks one legged was just too much to suppress, now I'm destined for a slip up anytime soon - paybacks coming I'm sure.
John blamed his sprained ankle on the cattle for leaving depressions (footprints) on soft ground when drinking, I put it down to his Herman Munster wading boots.

Duffers fortnight had definitely kicked off on this stretch of the Derwent yesterday with an evening rise to die for, with plenty of fish taken as a result. This time of year teatime onwards is the way to go, fishing into dark for the clunkers.

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