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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Trust your Instinct!

Something yesterday was niggling at the back of my mind to go to Dovedale, even with a poor weather forecast I felt a strange pull telling me the fishing would be good. I arrived to swarms of Mayfly and LDO's and rising fish yippeeeeee! I was into fish in the first pool and my instinct was right, this was gonna be a great night.

I had took the time to tie some detached Mayfly with a latex body which for my rough tying looked pretty realistic and they were walloped instantly, so I got some payback on making them.
Her Majesty was in fine form after the recent rains and running at a good level, combined with the Mayfly season the conditions were spot on.

Most rising fish fell to the fly and nearing the steps I decided to change as the last couple of fish swallowed the fly deep and my forceps were needed, I felt guilty offering this realistic patterns so I decided to try another pattern I had tied based on a successful fly used by Roger Bryant on my last trip out.

Around 7.30pm there was a shower so I leant against a tree for a while which soon brought me back down to earth, but my poncho did the trick and the fish carried on rising. I had the place to myself and I was going to make the most of it, especially as the next fly proved successful, mind you a fag end would have probably worked.

I had more fish than I wish to count with a excellent mixed bag of wild/stocked/big/small and not a single dog or chav to take the edge off a fantastic night.

Finally the icing on the cake, this fish below was huge by my standards and even looked massive in my big old paws. Obviously the excitement was immense and this biggy soon had me talking to myself " you big beauty, come to daddy" and I held it as delicately as my first born, ensuring a sensational night for the next man. It just doesn't get any better so I sat for a while soaking up the atmosphere while realising my instinct was on the money, thank you instinct for a most memorable night - I love Dovedale.

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