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Monday, 15 June 2009

Chatsworth (Derwent)

Yesterday I fished the Derwent running through Chatsworth after accepting a generous invite from the Baslowfisher (Colin) off the fly forum. I arrived at 1pm and after a short drive downstream we parked next to a lovely summerhouse on the riverbank, on the lower section. We both had a chat and a quick peep at the river, which is slightly wider than my usual haunts but obviously well keeper-ed with steps and hand rails for access to each pool. Wow!
After some sound local advice from Colin I fished the first large pool resulting in some nice browns in the shady fringes, while Colin filled his boots in the pool below.

I moved down to another pool chosen by Colin and after some exploring it presented me with some lovely conditioned rainbows that fought like stink, really testing my Old Majestic (rod).
We then walked back to the summerhouse to set the Kelly for afternoon tea (Ringtons) and a good chat to put the fly world to rights, before setting out again

We carried on fishing for a couple more hours and I managed a few browns and rainbows resulting in severe arm ache, these bows really where on steroids. We decided to walk back for tea which is when the real fun began. Colin nipped to his car, while I went to sit down on the picnic table in anticipation of some grub, I instantly rolled backwards taking the bench with me. I quickly looked around and gladly realised nobody had spotted me rolling about and I quickly brushed the cut grass off me and put the table back. I then fetched a patio chair from inside the summerhouse and placed it next to the picnic table. In my embarrassment I decided to keep quiet when Colin returned and he began laying out a fisherman's spread to die for - salad, pork pies, ham, potato salad all sourced locally along with the bottled beer he poured out for us. Colin then sat inside the table and rolled backwards with the bench throwing our Kings spread allover himself and the riverbank. Once I could breath again, we brushed the grass off the food and salvaged what we could, and set the table again. This mishap didn't matter at all as we still enjoyed our feast while I told Colin about my own bench rolling expedition earlier at which point we nearly wet ourselves laughing (again). Then a hot air balloon took off and drifted overhead to add a little extra atmosphere to this wonderful evening spent by the river, in truly superb company - a genuine brother of the wangle.

We moved into the front of Chatsworth House for the last hour and caught a dozen browns on dry to finish off the most perfect day. I cannot thank Colin enough for inviting, guiding, feeding and sharing his time with me, hes a lucky man to fish Chatsworth regularly as this stretch of river is absolutely stuffed with fish. I look forward to a return leg when I invite Colin for a day's fishing, however there's a lot to live up to after the most excellent day yesterday.

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Colin said...

a thoroughly enjoyable day, as we said it doesn't get much better! Hopefully we won't be too old when the gentle art of "bench rolling" is introduced as an olympic sport as I'm convinced we would be winners! PM me your email and I will send you some photos,