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Friday, 24 October 2008

Bentley Brook

I arrived just before light and quickly made my way downstream as quickly as possible with the intention of fishing back upstream. I chose my 7ft rod as this lovely little stream can prove tricky to get a cast at many spots along the stretch. The ground was boggy and hard going, but luckily previous visits have taught me to stay high in the right places, I also wore thigh waders to give that extra maneuvrability, also crossing this brook is easy at many places anyway.

I decided on using a duo of nymphs first which resulted in this beauty below, God how I love the smell of grayling first thing in the morning. Sadly nothing happened after that for a while, apart from a couple of brownies coming to say hello. While creeping around staying away from the fringes of the brook I startled an Otter balanced on a tree root resting on top of the water, the splash it made getting back into the brook was nothing short of a clumsy belly flop, mind you I suppose I might appear a little scary to some folk, and this Otter was taking no chances with me.

After things warmed up a little, there was the odd rise so I gave the dries a bash. I started with a Bradshaws Fancy which to my delight was hit almost instantly by a small grayling and then a trout from the same little pool. Working my way upstream I picked off a few more small grayling and was ecstatic with the days results.

I was just thinking to myself how much I enjoy fishing here when my Grey Duster was smashed by this grayling below. Talk about JAM ON IT! my wonderful trip was complete and if you're prepared to put the work in, there really are a few surprises in Bentley Brook, which is truly a magical little stream.

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Kev said...

Great to hear about the otter. I've yet to see one in Derbyshire, but heard tales of them on The Dove.

I was fishing the Monnow last year and, whilst wading, one swam under my rod tip. I almost cacked myself!