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Friday, 8 August 2008


Started at Milldale mid afternoon with a plan to walk downstream and fish back when the tourists thinned out a little, luckily with the sun shining bright this idea still seemed to work.
I stopped off at my now regular pitt stop Dove holes (pictured below) to boil the kettle before making the rest of the walk to Ilam Rock, the difference today was me cooling in the shade of the cave and not trying to keep dry. The scenery around Dovedale in summer is truly beautiful and I always feel privileged to be fishing such a place, I suppose I'm a little selfish for begrudging the walkers and tourists this special little spot, and should learn to share - not.

I was pleased to find the Grayling very obliging today as they've appeared a little withdrawn this summer for some reason. This lovely lady below was taken on Elk Sedge in a fast riffle and was appreciated by a few members of the public that were passing by.

The stocked browns (pictured below) were looking so much slimmer compared to the fat little blighters in early summer, in fact many of the other stocked fish caught today had trimmed off, this left me questioning the whole stocked/wild debate yet again - can our rivers sustain stocked fish without effecting the wild stock? I personally think a no Stocking policy should be in place and monitored carefully, then wild fish need better protection from poachers and a strict catch and release rule put in place.

Some wild trout made an appearance as well, like this immaculate little chap below who packed a punch with a never say die attitude. Yet again I found myself catching fish from little pockets everywhere, reinforcing my belief that no cast is wasted and trout will always jump up and surprise you where you don't expect them to. I met another fisherman from Warwickshire today and it seems the LADFFA members really do come from far and wide and I know why.

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Kev said...

Nice post Mick, and good photo of Doveholes. You either climbed a tree or started to ascend The Nab.