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Sunday, 1 June 2008

River Camel (Cornwall)

I managed to squeeze a days fishing in while on holiday this week and decided on Tressaret Beat 32 on the Angling 2000 scheme. The reasons for choosing this venue were the easy access for my mature friend (Grandad) and it was near to where I was staying.

I was pleasantly suprised that after heavy rainfall the Camel was running clear and looked very appetising. Fish were rising, especially under the canopy where I caught the first few in the fast water on the fringes. There where a few Mayfly but I'm told the hatch here in the West Country never gets dense like in Derbyshire but one advantage is this magic little river clears in just a few hours. My 9ft 4# was perfect here and I decided on a White Drake which yet again proved lethal and resulted in lots of lovely brown trout, and although not that big in size, they were most definately very aesthetically pleasing.

After fishing most of the afternoon the number of fish became insignificant as we both caught. This venue gave me exactly what I expected, lots of little brownies creating a lovely birthday spent fishing in Cornwall. The foxgloves along the bank were striking and the drake standing proud, which all added to the experience.

The only complaint I could make was the locals showed a little too much interest (pictured below), and although immaculately turned out, they were definately mob handed and a little pushy.

As far as people go, we saw no one all day, not until a local flyman turned up early evening as we left, not before I managed to drop him a couple of the white drakes I'd been using from the bridge above him. I do hope they served him well.

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