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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Halfway around Derbyshire

Today I made a 45min drive to fish the Churnet and on arrival I opened my boot only to realise my waders bag wasn't there. I searched my car few times before admitting I was a pillock. After getting sidetracked while loading my tackle, I had placed my wader bag down and simply left them. Well after coming to terms with the blow I looked down at my Crocs (slippers) and quickly started thinking of a suitable venue for them, or where I could get away with fishing in them. I decided that Wolfscotedale (Dove) was my best option, and although it was a further 40mins drive, at least I had a easy path to fish from.

I finally arrived and began fishing reaching straight for my lucky fly at this venue - Ballon caddis. I quickly caught a couple of browns on the first section who were happily rising, and not the least bit shy. With a good start under my slippers I walked alongside the Dove until reaching the canal section. Many fish were rising but catching these swines proved difficult but whipping through my flybox, I eventually found a black f-fly which landed a couple more browns. I couldn't work out why they took, unless the black body resembled Hawthorns.

I walked downstream a little more before realising the rises were fading out, so I decided to tie on my balloon caddis, and began working through all the fast water as I slowly moved back upstream. This proved very succesful and I got my tally to 10 before reaching the brook at the top end again. The fish seemed to be rising in the meadow again, probably due to being a little warmer out in the open, away from the deep shaded valleys. I did manage a couple more before reaching the car and thought how well the day had gone, especially with such a kick in the balls to start with. I should mention apart from a few odd looks and a scooby doo on a cow pat, my Crocs were very comfy but I wouldn't recommend them for fishing, however always double check your tackle before pulling off.

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