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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Beloved Dove

Due to recent heavy rain, Wolfscotedale was my 1st choice today, being the highest stretch of the Dove I fish, it usually runs clear quicker than anywhere else. On arrival I quickly realised I'd made the right decision with Mayfly in the air and fish rising. Starting on my Mayfly patterns I soon caught a few in the top section (pictured below) before moving down stream.

Walking along the river there were swarms of Mayfly above head and a good amount on the water, bobbing about doing there buisness. Many fish were taking the Drake, but some rising fish seemed preoccupied with something else which baffled me a little.

The brownie below was my favorite fish caught as I worked extremely hard making many casts at the rock face thats pictured below this picture. I could see the fish rising a couple of inches from the rock, and laying my line over the crosscurrents was near impossible, but eventually after trickling my fly down the rock humpteen times I got the most savage take resulting in a great fight bringing it back to my side of the Dove.

Below is a picture of recently stocked fish wich gave a good account of itself if I'm honest, and although I'd prefer to keep things wild, these stockies give some less capable fishers a chance of action, especially as some rarely venture out until this time of year. Another thing I should mention is I landed 18 fish and only 2 resembled Daniel Lambert.

On the whole a great day with most fish taking Yellow Drakes along with the `Ballooon Caddis of course. My brother summed the day up nicely when he said " Its not quite Duffers Fortnight - but its getting close".

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