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Monday, 16 June 2008

Leaving DRAC

It appears many folk wish to know my reasons for quitting Derbyshire Railway Angling Club as I have mentioned on my blog, so I'm hoping this thread will explain my reasons well, and who knows hopefully may benefit the club for future members, should commitee take notice. Those who know me, will automatically know I say things as I see them - my no frills attitude is most definately not intended to offend anyone, but comments below are based on my own experiences.

Reason For Joining/Leaving DRAC

The ultimate reason for joining this club was to fish Ellastone a few times a year with little interest in any other DRAC venues. I have tried to book Ellastone 7 times during this year and have actually got in once, this is a standing joke with many DRAC members I have met all over. Now on my only visit to Ellastone other anglers turned up when me and my brother had booked the only 2 rods available. These members along with others who joke about trying to book explained how they and many others just turn up nowdays and just fish the place anyway, without booking. As you may know it is a very small venue to fish, which quickly becomes incredibly small with extra members turning up fishing. I do not wish to slate any individual venues, but will say my DCAC and LADFFA memberships are more than enough for me to fish the whole year through, both clubs holding much better venues in my opinion, but obviously at a premium which I am prepared to pay. If you are happy fishing the DRAC venues at a very cheap price then good on you, but I would prefer spending my money on 2 days fishing the Wye compared to 1 day at an overcrowded Ellastone for the same price, taking into account I don't wish to fish other DRAC waters.
I hope I've explained myself well enough above. Who knows I may hit hard times soon and be forced to return if they let me :D.


Kev said...

Fair 'nuf Mick. I was only sayig today about booking Ellastone but often finding others fishing it. It's only a short stretch and seems to get very heavy fishing. I once saw 6 fishing it.

You go fish them D-County waters to your hearts content, just leave some fish in the LADAA for me.


FishCake said...

No-ones going to try and change your mind Mick. It was just interesting to find out.

I'm in LADFFA and DCAC so i'll see you around ons ome other waters.

Are you and your bro' planning on starting riverside swimming lessons! ;)

Mick Martin said...

Hi Gary/Kev

Its the only guiding were capable of I'm afraid. I tell you what though - it increases your catch rate.

I've had pm's about DRAC and its discussed on there forum so I gave them a full explanation to see