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Sunday, 15 June 2008

He who laughs last

Willersley Castle was on the menu today as it was mid afternoon before we got close to the river, the sun was shining bright and the conditions were good. There was no insect life to speak of, just the odd mayfly cruising by now and then, being left well alone by the fish. Today was going to be hard work and with nothing rising I fished up through the fast water and managed a few trout here and there all a good size and in excellent condition. I felt touched by God as I turned to see my brother downstream practising his martial arts, while trying to leave the river. Drunken man style was the order of the day and with a left to right swagger he placed his arse on the riverbed to fill his waders. I've heard of wiley trout but tying his laces together was a little dangerous in my opinion, especially when he was enjoying his fishing at the time, and outfishing me for a change. I had to turn away for fear of me ending up in the drink 2 trips running as I was laughing so much, it was becoming painful, I have finally realised the best thing about fishing with your brother, laughing is acceptable. I must say the speed he got back to his feet was incredible, like a rocket in just a couple of seconds he was hobbling up the bank, tearing his wet clothes off to save his phone. This incident had an air of familiarity and something like the sock on the other foot sprang to mind. I now believe in God and have seen the light, I am forever in Gods debt for providing me with such pleasure, in fact I just woke up still laughing at 2am so I'm writing this blog through the night. I managed to talk him into carrying on fishing but like me his instant reaction was, I'm going home.

We managed to bring fish to the surface and in fact my brother seemed better equipped than me, bringing 9 fish to the net compared to my 7. I must admit he can work a little magic with his Yellow Humpy's which brought him lots of action and me none, maybe the shaking hands as hypothermia was setting in did the trick for him, enticing some super browns. On the whole a good day but nothing on a plate I'm afraid, but a little hard work and persistance produced probably one of our best spells of fishing this season so far and definately a memorable one.

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The Squire said...

Mick, that is brilliant I'm still laughing so it hard to type. What is this swimming thing with you and your bro', are you making a late bid for Beijing??