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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Kings of the Castle

Starting at the river Ecclesbourne as of late no insect life to speak of and the water was a little cloudy due to something going on upstream somewhere. The work advised by the WTT had come on leaps and bounds so a huge pat on the back for those involved from the club. We met a lady fisher who quickly explained she'd not seen any rising allday, and never got close to catching anything. Me and my brother walked the whole stretch dipping our lines here and there, but no success to be had I'm afraid. We met the bailiff yeterday who assures us there were plenty of wild trout during electro-fishing before the season started, and that this stretch had also been stocked but they haven't showed themselves to date. He explained how spooky the fish are here, and success depends on no-one else being around in those early hours of morning, or last few hours till night, and on the odd occasion the middle of the day during hot weather. This venue will succeed eventually as the commitment is very obvious and needless to say me and my brother will be back soon, but with a little more thought to time, weather and stealth. Anyway we had a nose around for a couple of hours before making our way to Willersley Castle which is only a few miles away, and could save us from a blank, especially as its fishing very well for us at the moment.

Willersley Castle

Arriving at Willersley Castle early evening we sat and had a cup of tea while observing the Derwent for a while, both feeling confident that its just a matter of time before things would be switching on. We eventually made our way into the river to wet a line and before long began to turn the days tally around.

Although we only had a few fish they were lovely conditioned fish, fully finned, beautifully marked, hard fighting and truly fiesty boggers today. Although the river was running clear and with no recent rain to speak of, the river felt so much colder than the weekend and forced us out for more hot drinks than usual for this time of year. We had to endure a few light showers but it was worth the visit to catch this beauty below with a tail to die for.

This Grayling below was a welcome sight, especially as its my first this season, it gave a good tussle after taking my check nymph in the riffle. As always Willersley saved the day with some fantastic fishing. I put this down to a little knowledge and experience at Willersley, along with loads of luck of course.

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