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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Whats Up Doc!

On this beautiful summers morning at 4.00am I ventured out in the hope of taking a few rabbits, with the intention of using them for flytying. Sometime ago I splashed out on a 1.77 rifle and today I was going to finally put it to use, hopefully it will quickly begin to pay for itself. Now I must say for a fat bloke I was pretty stealthy, and managed to creep into positions of less than 20 yrds. The whole experience brought out the hunter gatherer in me, as I was consumed by the intense excitement, holding my breath, while placing each step carefully on the ground and then taking aim. Once in my sights, which had been set by a good friend ( X Army Rifleman), there was only ever going to be one result, 2 good clean kills which was enough for today.
My intensions are for me and my brother to have 1 skin each to incorperate into our flies and take more when I need them. I'm not in the business of killing for the sake of it and I have enough respect for these rabbits to ensure that not only are they eaten, they will play a part in enticing a few trout with my nymph patterns soon. My future aim is to take my own animals and birds to create flies that catch my fish, hopefully giving a huge sense of satisfaction, making the landing of these beautiful Derbyshire trout and grayling, that little bit more special.
Arriving back home to find my daughter had woken early, and was watching Bugs Bunny of all things on Sky TV . I wiped a tear from the corner of my eye (not) and thought to myself

Neyeeeeeeeerp Whats Up Doc!

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