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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Bentley Brook

I decided an early visit to Bentley Brook was on the cards today and arrived at the ford around 8am and things were nice and quiet. The sun was shining and the forecast good, so I set off along the brook to have a nosey and decide on the method. The water was very clear, so a light leader was made up, and with nothing rising a single nymph was tied on to my 9ft 4# rod for starters. I must say I was amazed at the amount of fish moving in this brook, it was teaming with fish, more so than any river I'd fished for some time. The picture below shows the general size of Bentley Brook and in my opinion its a small river where wading is necassary to cross at various points. Within an hour I'd stumbled forward and was upto my shoulders in water, but luckily the day was warming up nicely so I hung my wet fleece on a branch to be picked up on my return, hopefully it would be dry by then.

I began to catch a few browns and Grayling using a size 12 River Criminal and stayed with the single fly, especially as I was catching fish. The grayling here are nothing short of wonderful, and they seem huge for this small brook. I managed to take a picture while bringing one to the net, and it shows the quality of grayling I was catching, and they really are a bit special.

After my fare share of action I'd reached the end of the stretch so I took a rest while making my usual cup of Ringtons and lying on the bank basking in the sun. On the return leg I began spotting the odd Mayfly and before long they were drifting downstream in droves and the fish were switched onto them with crashing rises appearing everywhere.

The Trout really hammered these Mayfly pictured below and Duffers fortnight had began for me and I couldn't go wrong with the fish tearing into my white drakes on every cast. This is what they've been waiting for and by God they weren't taking any prisoners, gulping down Drakes like no tomorrow.

Below are a couple of browns with lovely markings and in mint condition and this Brook provided me with all I could take by 3.30pm. I lost count on the number of fish netted and slaughtering these fish into the night would'nt prove anything, enough is enough and I'd had my fill.

Bentlet Brook was truly fantastic and although the time of year played its role, the quality of wild fish here is near on unbelievable, needless to say I'll be back - soon. By the way I remembered my fleece on the way back upstream.

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Anonymous said...

awesome stoory i live close by and was wanting to have a walk down either the bentley brook or cawthorne dyke afte the grayling