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My guiding services are now available to assist fly fishermen on both game and coarse rivers. I'd be happy to advise and arrange your special day anywhere from one of Derbyshires finest trout and grayling rivers to your own local coarse river. Email Mick Martin for details and options. Please copy and paste into your own email

Monday, 31 March 2008

Blithfield Reservoir

On arrival the venue was impressive and much larger than any of us expected, and the bent rods below me next to the damn wall had me quickly searching for the lodge. The welcome we got was superb, and plenty of info and assistance was offered by a smiling friendly face, however holding a conversation in the office was difficult, as I was drawn to the buzzers plastered all over the window behind her. The wind played its part as we took it head on and fished into it, assuming the fish would be pushed to our feet. This did prove correct as we took many fish that gave a real tussle, and someone at Blithfield deserves some credit for producing their own, hard fighting, well conditioned rainbows.

Buzzers were spread everywhere but the fish wouldn't take our offerings, although 1 fish was caught on a buzzer, lures where clearly going to win on this day. The colour of the day was definitely orange with many fish falling for tadpole, nobbler, goldhead fritz and booby patterns all with a flash of orange incorperated somewhere. We experimented all types of flyline and floaters came out on top by a running mile - and took 95% of the fish caught. As usual a surprise was thrown up when I landed this little pike pictured below, which I have to admit put a smile on my face and was a most welcomed addition to the rainbows I caught, in fact my favourite fish of the day. Apart from the strong wind and the cars needing a good washing down, there were no downsides really and I think we will all be going back soon. In short I personally would recommend a trip to Blithfield for a superb days ressie fishing.

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