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Thursday, 3 April 2008


As I feel the rivers haven't took off yet, an early season trip to Carsington was on the cards and to be honest I don't need any persuading to visit Carsington at any time of year. I received a first class reception - as always, and Phil (manager) explained about the new life jackets and how as soon as you hit the water a transmitter sends a signal to the lodge, hence, thunderbirds are go. This could be a life saver and appeared to be a very useful piece of safety equipment, however, I didn't fancy testing them out today - but maybe some other time. I believe Carsington is leading the way with this type of life jacket, but the real bonus with these is that they actually fit fat bloaters like me! quite easily I might add, and to be honest they weren't that uncomfortable either. After gathering as much info as possible we made our way over to Millfields quickspeed, especially as the wind lent a hand by blowing straight into that corner of the Ressie. We had a wobbly start though - when we both looked at each others end of the boat for the anchor, only to realise we didn't have one! After an embarrassing phone call, Phil quickly raced across the water with an anchor for us. The anchor set, we eventually began fishing along the shelf where we thought the fish would be holding. After spending some time experimenting, we started getting takes on both orange and black and green lures using our Intermediate lines, which proved the way to go all day.

The wind was much stronger than the forecast and after a few hours and some fish later, we decided to make our way across to the Islands for a welcome break from the wind, however it didn't feel right around this area, it just seemed unproductive water to both of us. A few casts later and we were heading down to tower bank, this area had been producing good numbers of fish this season.

We managed a couple more rainbows around tower bank, before gradually making our way back towards the lodge. Like all fishermen, I can get carried away at times, but I kid you not when I say that these rainbows fight harder than anywhere else I've fished. Their extreme fitness could be put down to the deep strong currents they endure, or an abundance of quality food sources at Carsington, who knows, but these stubborn buggers always amaze me with their dogged determination to be free. Below is a lovely pot bellied rainbow which had me round the boat 3 times, and although I say it again, these fish will not be bullied, no way.

I feel priveleged to have Carsington as a local fishery, and believe it to be one of the superior Reservoirs in the UK. The scenery is great, the fishing is awesome and the facilities/service excellent. If you haven't fished Carsington already, you don't know what you're missing.

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