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Monday, 17 October 2011

Big Girls - They Are Beautiful

Me and my brother fished the Wye on Sunday in search of a few grayling and what a fine day it turned out to be. We arrived in overcast conditions with little insect life and nothing rising so we assumed small nymphs were in order. Once set up and after a few casts the sun broke through instantly kicking off a good hatch of LDO's and sure enough with no offers to nymphs we began spotting a few rises. After both setting up again for dryfly we landed onto the right track in what could only be described as a lovely spring days dryfly fishing for grayling.

Our John began catching grayling in a spectacular hatch resulting in a few lady's like the one below. We both had some intense dryfly sport as good as any all season, hard to believe this sun drenched afternoon was during the middle of October. Eventually the hatch died down and the grayling sank soon after so off for lunch.

We fished through Scots garden with little success for a change just one or two and then walked down to the beach and fished back up. I was most pleased that all the homework and reckies throughout the season payed dividends as knowing/remembering where a few likely spots are for big girls to hang out. The best of the day shown below were the icing on the cake for a lovley days angling. The 2 beauties below say it all about fishing for grayling on Derbyshires finest and check my brothers blog for a nats whisker off 3lb grayling (Derbyshirefishingblog).

Top Tip - You'd do well to remember big grayling come good as the light falls during Oct/Nov and below is the proof. Baffles me how many anglers dissapear once the sun falls off their backs, missing that chance of a stunner.

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