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Monday, 25 July 2011

Night Prowlers

After a glorious victory for Hamilton in the German Grand Prix I drove to Bakewell with a smile on my face and arrived at the pumping station just after 5pm. Still bright and warm with rising fish I set about catching a few fish and with an olive hatch I soon found some action with my duster and small f fly.

Later I moved around the town sections in search of a few lunkers and with the deliberate intention of fishing late, taking advantage of the spinner fall. I managed a couple of rainbows including this brute below caught on my Larry's Pride before the river coming into a lull, took a familiar tea break.

I bumped into Glen Pointon who'd also came to fish into dark so it was gonna be a laugh tonight in nothing else.

Sure enough we noticed a few spinners bobbing around and the fish began sipping them down like a fine wine. We tied on our orange spinners, well mine cus Glen forgot his the skanking git, and we instantly caught a few fish. By now we were losing the light and the river was alive with rising fish, luckily Glen helped me tie a few flies on as my eyes were struggling somewhat.

Now it was my turn to cadge a few ltd sedges as I'd no sedge left in my box and no suprising they worked a treat as the fishing was electric. Nice to fish with Glen again and we both had a night to remember and completely unique to the Derbyshire Wye.

Wheres my Froggs Fanny Pointon?


Anonymous said...

Carp pose with that big WRT. No fingers from the Boy Wonder...

Mick Martin said...

Difficult that for GP, not sticking his fingers in anywhere.

predatorpets said...

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