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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Hide And Seek

Muvvers Day this Sunday meant a mad dash Saturday lunchtime was my only window of opportunity to cast a line this week. Arriving in the glorious spring sunshine, although slightly spoilt by the wind I pulled into the pumping station and began setting up double quicktime, eager to kick off my 2011 Wye Season. Jan pulled in for a chat but before too long I was slowly making my way upstream flicking a line at the odd likely spot, casting to rise which weren't readily coming. Firstly I caught a large grayling which went straight back without leaving my lovely new and very large specimen landing net. I slowly crept around the bends inspecting what the river had to offer and true to form I spotted plenty of huge grayling that I'd spent the winter trying to locate, ah well maybe next winter the knowledge/location might come into play.

Casting was very tricky with the strong wind but the good news was it was weakening as the afternoon passed. I began hitting a few rising rainbow trout with CDC dusters and spotted a very slow trickle of olives, well enough to encourage a few fishy locations. I managed 3 trout text book style from the back moving upstream catching from each rise which made my day already but I had to be on the ball when putting line out ready too pull out of casts thrown wayward by the gusts.

I eventually made my way to the park where dressed in full camo I gently slid down a steep bank to the waters edge to cast up into a few bigguns I'd spotted. In my first few casts I bounced a couple off of huge rainbows but out of my dissapointment came my shining glory. Warren Slaney began a game of hide and seek,riding straight by looking for the invisible Trugg shouting down the phone to Jan who'd visited me 5mins earlier, if I'd fooled old eagle eyed Slaney, surely I stood a good chance with the fish. After a brief chat and Warrens congratulations on me winning todays game of hide and seek, I headed back to the car for tea and sandwiches, but not before Warren pointing out the twitchell running between the houses from the park all the way to the car at the pumping station.

After filling my odge i parked above town to fish Scotts Garden moving back to town for the last couple of hours. I came across a group of large trout smutting on the far bank which proved tuff to tempt but yet again I bounced of the one hook up I got, mind you i caught a few smaller trout as I moved downstream so happy days. Arriving in town I had a few casts and before long had the beauty shown above jumping, splashing and running all over the place the fiesty bogger. Finally I connected with the best of the day, a wonderful Wye brown, well fed and pristine and I'd be hard pushed to catch a finer looking trout all year - perfection.

To my suprise I decided at 6.15pm after landing that brown I'd had my fill and made my way back to the car. While stopping to take the top pic of Scots Garden I felt a little sadness at leaving this beautiful river but I'd been rewarded well for my efforts today, plus my beautiful family were all waiting on my return.


Dustin's Fly Box said...

Nice fish you got there!!

Anonymous said...

The second photo down show a WRT with most of the id marks in place. Always nice to see a proper one.