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Thursday, 18 November 2010

REF On The Wye

Warren Slaney - Head River Keeper on the Derbyshire Wye (Peacock Water) generously offered the River Erewash Foundation a days grayling fishing to raise funds for their project. Arriving at the Peacock early morning Jan (River Keeper) gave members an introduction to the Wye covering rules and techniques. After Jans Prep talk members ran for their cars like the start of a Gumball Rally, they simply couldn't wait to get stuck into Derbyshires finest.

I guided 3 newbies to river fishing giving special attention to the REF's youngest member Jack who is 14 years old. The youngster learned fast and before to long perfected his roll cast in a tricky place and got stuck into his first Lady. The smile on his face convinced me this memory was deeply engraved in this young man's mind forever, I suspect he was well and truly hooked.

He delicately held this grayling for fear of hurting it, but a quick flex of its muscle sooned tightened his grip a little, grayling are near impossible to keep hold of. I got immense pleasure at this young lads achievement, and loved the way he gazed onto this wonderous thing.

Looking down on this grayling Jack shouted "God its beautiful" as I opened the dorsal for him to see all its glory.

Jack tried to squeeze every second out of his first brush with a Wye lady, slowly inching down the bank to gently place her back in the drink. After a well deserved pat on the back Jack soon set about catching the next one - my job was done.

All members reported a fantastic, thoroughly enjoyable day, on top of which we raised enough money to keep the REF going for another couple of years.

Thanks again to Warren and Jan for a memorable day from all at the river Erewash Foundation.

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