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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Derbyshire Wye

Today I fished with Commo and after arriving at the Peacock at 8.30am on a frosty morning in fact Commo had reached -7 coming through Hartington which is nippy for this time of year. After our customary cup of tea we both fished our way through the lower sections with a crisp meadow below our feet. Before too long the sun broke through and to my amazement the fish began rising and although I caught a few on nymphs i was soon doing my utmost to pick out the grayling with my dries, something of a bonus I wasn't expecting. We stumbled upon a little pod of fish in this pool below showing Commo sneaking up to draw them out from the safety of the dangling branches from a snapped tree. An intense moment of fishing and my favorite part of the day where both armed with 10ft rods we fished under the canopy(tricksy) casting to unsuspecting fish rising in the dappled sunlight, a real moment of time standing still where fishing doesn't get much better.

After deciding to spend the first couple of hours fishing the meadows we eventually arrived back at the car after 3pm, you know what it's like when the fishing's good. I experimented with a few awkward bugger's by fishing a spider under my dry fly New Zealand style which can prove deadly around Derbyshire this time of year, resulting in 3 casts in exchange for 3 fish before a Kelly Ringtons and a drive upstream.

We bumped into JT and Marxach of the forum who'd also had a great day and we fished our way downstream of the station where we bumped into Ennio another forumite who we joined company with for the remainder of the day before having another brew and a chinwag back at the car before driving home completely satisfied by catching plenty of fish in excellent company, another most enjoyable day on the Wye.

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Owl Jones said...

What a very interesting blog. A cup of tea before fishing? I'll have to give that a try sometime. As an American, I find your writing style to be a bit stuffy and your stories boring. I'm also a liar. :) I've enjoyed the first page and I'm moving on to read the rest. Those grayling are interesting fish. Here in Georgia(USA) we don't have grayling, but your photos are making me wish we did!