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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Load of Pollocks

My gang have just enjoyed a fabulous holiday in Cornwall, with glorious weather throughout well the best of the 6 weeks on offer. Determined to try my hand at swiffin I packed my 8# rod and salty flies and here's how it went. After loading up the car I was bombing down the M42 probably dreaming of sea bass when after hearing a noise my wife shouted "what the hell was that" I checked my rear view mirror just in time to see my chest waders take flight like a giant green wind sock before slowly landing in the middle lane, they were then closely followed by my chest/back pack. My heart stopped as I realised my top box had blown open so I pulled into the hard shoulder quick sharp. Fearful of causing an accident and with little traffic about due to an early hours start I decided to attempt a rescue mission which I'm pleased to say was a success apart from my waders had been walloped by a huge juggernaut. Sad as I was, at least nobody was hurt and I'd had a lucky escape really

Waking at 6am it was time for a little session so I quietly sneaked out and immediately bumped into a scene from Enter the Dragon which to be honest provided me with some excellent entertainment watching loads of students in white suits running into the sea and after diving through a wave and running back to the top of the beach, proceeding to forward roll all the way back to the sea again, those suits looked very heavy with half a ton of sand clinging to them.

I walked on and around the rocks as after receiving a few holes in my beloved waders I needed all the help I could get to put a decent line out. Below shows my chosen location and with Bruce Lee still in the back drop all I needed was a fish. Fat chance of that and after a couple of hours I realised I was flogging a dead horse so back to the family, after beating up 100 Goduru experts up along the way.

I returned another morning for much of the same so decided to attempt an evening session next time out, before giving swiffin up as a bad idea, mind you the location was worth the walk alone.

At 7pm I made my way back to the rocks to fish til dark in hope of some success of a fish and eventually I felt a tug and son after caught this little Pollock below. It wasn't a ferocious fight and certainly didn't pull the rod out of my hand but I was tickled pink that I'd achieved my goal of catching my first sea fish on the fly. I managed another Pollock around the same size which my daughter gently threw back for me (not). It felt good walking back, especially after chatting with a couple of bait lads who'd caught nothing from the beach.

On my final night I decided to have one last bash and regrettably decided to tackle up before setting off. I put too much pressure on my rod while stretching for the the tip and snapped 10 inches of the end - Oh Pollocks! This swiffin was getting expensive with a pair of waders and a rod for starters, maybe God was trying to tel me something but being a stubborn git, I still attempted to fish with a snapped rod, but with a strong wind I quickly retired from swiffin, well for this holiday anyway. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed my salt water experience and if you find yourself on a UK beach holiday don't hesitate to take your stuff but please pack it away carefully to avoid finding yourself in a game of Frogger first thing in the morning.

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