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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

Yesterday I took a grayling virgin on a mission to lose his cherry by helping him catch his first Lady, the stuff dreams are made of. Mayfield was my choice as the dry fly has been effective for grayling recently and what better way to catch one, than the dry. On arrival Her Majesty had risen a little but was running nice and clear in fair condition and with an overcast sky our chances were good. After a little set up discussion Dave was away getting a few takes resulting in today's aim for him to catch his first lady, and what a beauty below for his first smell of the thyme on his hands - I love the smell of grayling first thing in the morning. I think he looks pretty pleased so another chap truly hooked.

We visited the top section which always blows hot and cold from year to year and on this day I'm afraid the fish weren't playing ball. We moved upstream passing a few rising fish but they appeared preoccupied with something. I whipped through a few flies before remembering I'd tied a few of my mates LTD sedges so thought now is the perfect time to give em a bash. Glen.P would have been proud as this gorgeous grayling sipped down the fly bringing the finest lady of the day who proved a little camera shy but we both got there in the end, although her tail did pull away in the shot below, making it look a little shorter than it actually was - Cheers Glenbo! (Wye warm up).

Mission complete and another wonderful day in good company with plenty of browns and grayling and time for a few Kelly Ringtons. If you read this Dave I will suport you with your new found addiction please don't hesitate to ask for another fix, rest assured you don't have to suffer in silence, but the moment you sniffed the palm of your hand you became a grayling junkie and definitely bit the dust.


glen pointon said...

Top fishing Mick, bet the lad was buzzin on his first lady, no going back now for him...
Love the big fish Mick, some right clunkers in that Mayfield, its about time i went with you, never fished it...
The Ltd sedge did the job again, nice...its a wye killer...
See u soon mate

Owl Jones said...

So, how do these grayling fight, if you don't mind me asking? They look a bit like bonefish! There's something special about catching your first anything...and having someone there to help you do it is a huge bonus.