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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Eccles-Bourne Supremacy

Solid! my way to describe the Ecclesbourne which is a small stream located a few miles from Derby and in my opinion the most testing river I know. The Ecclesbourne takes you through jungle warfare, snags and lost flies, quickly leaving you feeling a million miles from any civilisation. Its fair to say this venue seems to be left well alone by most members but if its a real challenge you want, look no further.

The very moment you peek over the bank to check out a pool below, your battle has been lost without even bothering too wet your line. You must resist the urge, staying well away from the riverbank being sure too walk to the downstream limit before drawing your machete to begin fishing at the railway bridge. Above all required skills needed here stealth is paramount and once in the water, crawling upstream snail paced is totally necessary, well if you wish too catch anything that is.

The Ecclesbourne offers intense fishing which I'd imagine could break most average anglers, but those who consider themselves well equipped and thrive on small stream fishing, should take up the Ecclesbourne challenge and no doubt you will love it. I try to fish the Ecclesbourne every year to test myself now and then, on this day I was victorious, after all with on insect life to speak of I managed 3 gorgeous trout on this solid little river, one in the weir pool and two below. If I was to be honest last night gave me more satisfaction than fishing many other rivers where I've caught 30+.

Like the famous song says "if you can make it here, you'll make it anywhere" and if its a long time since you've tested yourself properly then go try to join the Eccles-Bourne Supremacy.

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Fatjack said...

I fished the Ecclesbourne early in the season whilst there was only a little vegetation. I managed 4 brownies, and it's fair to say I felt as happy as a dog with 2 wotsits. Then I fished it on one of the warm June evenings and blanked. But that's what probaly makes any success here so thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable. A really good read, thanks