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Friday, 6 August 2010

The Lost World

Last night I was invited to fish a syndicate water just 40 Min's from home which is held by a handful of secretive anglers. To be honest I'd never heard of this river before, but my mouth always waters at the prospect of a new venue, and not knowing anything about the location just builds the anticipation. I met Dave at the arranged meeting point, who then blind folded me before driving to the secret river, obviously I'm joking but I wouldn't have blamed him one iota knowing about me, my blog and my big gob. We parked the cars, had a quick chat and walked down the meadow to this little stream. The first little section pictured below ran into forest on both sides and Dave explained we'd be fishing upstream into the woodland, but not before I held the most beautiful little wild trout across the palm of my hand.

We entered the forest and once past the first bend it was like fishing the Lost World, without the Dinosaurs thank God, as I'd of been easy meat as the fishing was so intense a T-Rex could have landed my fish and I'd be none the wiser. What a amazing little stream winding and meandering through nowhere, and not a soul to be heard or seen. I began catching lots of trout in most pools and I was in trout heaven. Although a truly wild venue in every sense there were signs of restoration, manipulation and know how everywhere, and obviously this handful of lucky bar stewards really new there stuff, after a while I just had to ask Dave who the hell these anglers are. Know Ive met one of them who is top of the river game so I'm not surprised its the most superb little river I've fished, knowing the knowledge and experience within the group. I was totally fascinated studying carefully all the ideas and attempts, some better than others, but all very definitely improving the habitat for our fishy friends. This venue is truly loved by its members and by God it shows, a true testament to all of them.

I fished endless amount of pools, several around every bend, most producing fish of all sizes and it just doesn't get any better than this. I will forever be in debt to Dave for offering me this amazing experience, especially with his ghillie service thrown in to complete a perfect evening.

In true fisherman style I lost a big one at dusk but hardly felt disappointed I'd enjoyed the place soooo much and we walked along a country lane chatting away until reaching our cars in total darkness. I could do it all again today and hopefully one day I will get the opportunity to wonder around in the Lost World once again.

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