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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Top Notch Mayfield

An early start again and what a beautiful morning it was, blue sky all the way to Ashbourne and although the Dove looked low from the bridge there were 1 or 2 rises upstream. Starting at the weir I could see a shoal of Grayling and decided on a small olive which on my 3rd cast got supped by this gorgeous lady pictured below. To be honest I could have gone home happy right then but I hoped the day had a little more in store for me.

I slowly waded down to the bridge catching a few ladies and 2 brownies, just to keep me interested and after a resting at the bridge for a drink, many rises began upstream maybe after the disturbance/food I'd caused coming downstream. These were splashing/crashing rises and definitely trout so i switched to my Elk hair and instantly had success with lots of trout all the way back up to the weir. Fantastic dry fly action and the sun on my back, very hard to believe autumn is almost upon us and 2 weeks until the end of another trout season.

On reflection Church Mayfield has been my best venue this year, always producing the goods both silver and brown and I've thoroughly enjoyed every visit throughout the season. I feel the quality of grayling here could bring me a few surprises this winter so watch this space.


FishCake said...


I had a couple of hours up there the week before last. The standard of fish is really good and its a nice stretch, just a bit too short :(( Do you ever fish above the weir?


Mick Martin said...

Hi Gary

Yes I do fish the top stretch and it produces a few suprises like a 4lb Marble my bro caught and some nice browns and ladies. Mayfields not the longest stretch unless you compare it to Lords bridge or Ellastone but remember its all fishable and isn't patchy either or overfished like Dovedale.
I was the only rod yesterday on a glorious sunny morning with top quality sport - lucky boy.
Last season Dovedale edged my favorite venue but its been poor this year in comparison, apart from Mayfly season, maybe its down to overfishing - who knows but it hasn't made my top 3 this season I'm afraid.