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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Manifold - Ludburn to Longnor

Today I went to explore more of the Manifold starting at Ludburn where Derby County Angling Club have donated a section to the Peak Passport Scheme. I walked downstream staying well clear from the bank as with a river this size you could lose this battle before it starts if you begin hanging your nose over the bank on the way downstream before fishing back up - resist the temptation.
I chose my starting point and sneaked into the river shown below with a good stretch of juvenile habitat lined up one side to reclaim the bank, I cast next to the brash and got walloped instantly.
This restoration work had definitely done the business providing a safe environment for young trout as this pool was alive with them, providing me with 6 perfect little trout like the one below with an elk hair in his mouth, amazingly beautiful little things.

I quickly became engrossed with the river and once in top gear, I began connecting with most takes resulting in lots of browns and they were getting bigger. I had all my success on elk hair and Larrys Pride but I should mention once your under the canopy you cant help but loose 1 or 2 flies to the tree gods.

The sport was nothing short of fantastic dry fly action and I intend to congratulate Andy from Trent Rivers Trust and Ron Trevis from DCAC for their successful work to date, and the future of the Manifold looks very promising if this passport section is anything to go by and this stretch will be excellent value day ticket water, for our fly fishing visitors to go wild - Ninja Style.
This big stockie came crashing out from under some roots and with the hard battle he gave me he could be forgiven for his stockie status, and after all 1 in 20 ain't bad.

This picture below shows another section running under the canopy and the atmosphere was so intense, creeping along holding your breath, watching the surface like a hawk, waiting for the next rise in the distance to home in on. If you like challenging wild fishing with a 6-7 ft rod and want to get away from everything, this is paradise - you may as well be fishing on the moon and with quality of fish like this one below - you couldn't be disappointed.

Just to finish the day off nicely I noticed otter tracks as i walked back downstream and I was being stalked me thinks.


FishCake said...


Now i'm not one to say "I told you so"....but...!!!

I absolutely love it up there and am kicking myself that I didn't fish it last season when I joined DCAC.

Andy H and the club have done a good job on there. Answer me this they need to stock it next season?

Mick Martin said...

No Stocking Needed!

Spend the money on more habitat improvement and bank regeneration further upstream.


Steve said...

Not wishing to get involved in the forum debate but just to say that I perrsonelly value your opinions and comments concerning the LDFFA & DCAC waters. Please continue to do so on the fly forum. Possibly will meet you on the bank again during 'grayling' season @ Dovedale. Will introduce myself.
Steve Clarke